Managed Security Services

We partner with high-growth startups to keep their attack surfaces small so they can focus on . . . more growth of course.

Endpoint  Security

Bang for the buck

Outsourcing makes sense and Cents

  • One annual contract
  • Zero licenses to purchase or renew
  • Focus on foundational security solutions
  • Better security posture means more business from the right customers

Licensed, experienced professionals


  • Instant access to a combined 30 years of security experience
  • HIPAA, PCI, CISP, CCISO, and other professional designations
  • Extend your team and augment your existing program
  • And more
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The right tools for the job

Our endpoint security TOOLSET PROVIDES:

  • Continuously updated asset inventory
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning
  • Threat analysis
  • Real-time and on-demand reporting
  • Protection from all known ransomware
  • Malware clean up
  • Exploit protection
  • And more

HUMAN  Security

Your first and best line of defense

How we prepare and arm your people for battle

  • Regular and real-to-life simulated phishing campaigns
  • Role-based user security awareness training
  • Customized security policies for enforcing employee/user compliance
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Ignorance is anything but bliss

Create Good organizationAL internet hygiene

  • Awareness of evolving security pitfalls
  • A clear reporting structure that gets used frequently
  • A disciplined process for measuring improvement

Improved security awareness and posture

accelerate your rate of improvement

  • Get focused attention on high risk people and departments
  • Develop a security culture that sets your company apart
  • Prepare for IPO with critical due diligence around security
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Customized and detailed policies

Give your company and your employees a blueprint for success

  • Simple intake forms allow us to customize security policies to your company
  • Flexible policies that map out the path to increased maturity
  • Additional policies available as your company grows and becomes more complex

An adaptable framework

A dynamic policy framework built to evolve with you

  • Policies are adapted for the SaaS, manufacturing, e-commerce, education, healthcare, financial industries, and more
  • Good for your first 30 employees through your first 5,000 employees
  • Annual review for updates and improvements
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Ongoing refinement and maturity

the aim is practical, useful, enforceable policies

  • Feedback surveys to gather awareness of and compliance with policy
  • Support in developing protocols for policy violations
  • Updated best practices for continual improvement


ID outside risk

access to the crown jewel, or any jewel for that matter

  • Careful third party inventory to identify and review those with access to sensitive information
  • Third party segmentation and risk classification
  • Third party risk transfer assessment
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Due diligence

before you sign that next service order

  • Security assessment questionnaires for each third party
  • General Liability, Cyber, and Professional/E&O insurance verification
  • Risk management strategy consulting

A safe ecosystem

a defensible strategy for third party risk management

  • Work confidently, knowing that you've done the due diligence necessary to optimize risk
  • Create equal business stature with your third parties and hold them accountable for their impact on your business
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